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    Hi, I am Vanessa!


    Life coaching has been a natural progression from personal training and also a calling. My number one reason for doing all that I do, is the study and celebration of the human journey.


    I am a professional life coach graduate from the Newfield Network, an accredited school through the International Coaches Federation.

    I spent 20 years in the Candian Rockies in the town of Canmore, yet in recent years have created a mobile life that lets me train, coach and adventure all over the planet. I am often found fishing and surfing in my southern home of Northern Nicaragua. I love boating, travel, playing music, being active and exploring my surroundings. And I'm totally addicted to audiobooks.

    It is my passion and honor to be a part of my clients' path. To share the storms, as well as the smooth seas and help others create the life and relationships they want.





    I am an Ontological Life Coach. Ontological Coaching is the study of being. This approach takes coaching a step further from transactional coaching.


    We explore the language we use with ourselves and others in everyday life, the emotions that drive our world and use the body as a domain of learning. (What is your body telling you that you are not paying attention to/how it reveals what is really going on emotionally.)


    Together, you and I are an incredible tool that will streamline and focus your life in areas of your choice. Through powerful conversations and questions, reflection and insight, I offer a focused space for you to find your own answers. Together we will clarify where you are at, where you want to go and create action plans and practices for you to get there!


    Coaching is an extremely powerful tool in personal growth and achievement, as well as for business professionals looking for focused sessions on peer communication, conflict resolution, leadership skills, and personal development.


    We all live within our own unique universe that is created with our histories and experiences. These dictate how we run our life from day to day. Think of the wisdom and possibilities that might come to us by looking through different eyes, with different perspectives?


    A typical session might look something like this.


    We connect in person, via Skype or phone. Have a quick general catch up, then talk about homework (or if you prefer, the checklist for the allotted time). How it felt, did you do it? What did it teach you?


    We then proceed to the subject at hand. This is a key responsibility of the client to bring to the table what they would like to be coached on for the session. Dive in!


    The last ten minutes might include, new actions for the week or practices to support a new awareness. You might create a tick list of must do's, or underline the need for a conversation that needs to happen. You create your own plan, I help clarify the details.


    Check out the different packages for your new path of learning and growing! From Coaching and Personal Training to customized Retreats around the world!


    Personal Testimonials



    "Vanessa has been an invaluable guide for me over the last 6 months. She has been instrumental in helping me achieve key milestones in my business and personal life. Vanessa has an amazing ability to listen and then ask those thought-provoking questions that enable me to identify and implement in easy and manageable steps the key changes necessary to create powerful change in my life. Thank you for enriching my life’s journey and delivering such awareness and insight!" - Mike L



    "Within my training, Vanessa gave me the ability to achieve the successes I
    have. She has always encompassed all of my goals into an efficient and effective strategy with a holistic approach. The plans were well thought out and monitored and adjusted as circumstances arose which took us down the path of success.
    Within my personal self, Vanessa took me from being on my knees to standing tall and able to face myself in the mirror. My life is full and complex. She never gave up on me.

    Vanessa did all of the above, not with empathy and consoling, but with
    strength and confidence.
    Vanessa has an inner strength (force) that will lead you to your goals." - C Fraser




    "I had the opportunity to visit Vanessa in person for a couple of sessions. After our first session, I felt as though I had my ducks back in a row. I went in seeing her with a complete scatterbrain and so many thoughts, Vanessa had such a great way of helping me figure out how to prioritize my thoughts and then further help me with strategies to go about accomplishing my goals.

    Vanessa is incredible with allowing you to speak about your most pressing thoughts, she really makes you feel comfortable and like you can tell her anything. She is also great at helping you stay on track to ensure you have a productive session and really leave feeling like you have a better sense of your thoughts.

    I always look forward to my next session with Vanessa, I leave feeling so confident in what steps I need to take next and how to go about pursuing my goals.

    Thank you, Vanessa, for not only being a helpful ear but genuinely caring about helping others and having such a kind heart." H.C.



    " Vanessa helped me begin a journey that I didn’t know I needed to take. She helped me step through a door that has opened up amazing possibilities for growth. I was carrying a very deep pain, centered around a loneliness that had nothing to do with my current relationship.

    With her kind words and gentle push to reflect into myself. I have come to work with tools that I have gathered and continue to discover influences, I didn’t believe possible to even exist.

    For me, it was a lifeline. I encourage anyone that is struggling to reach out to Vanessa and take the first step in healing self-discovery.


    Signed with an open and hopeful heart,




  • READY?

    If you are ready to embark on a coaching journey, congratulations. You have just given yourself a wonderful gift.

    I offer a complimentary 30 min phone/skype consultation to answer questions and clarify the coaching process. Please call or email to set up an appointment! 1-403-609-1234, 011-505-7618-5702, stokeyourfire@gmail.com.

    Stoke Your Fire Intro $450CAN

    5 one hour sessions with the 6th session complimentary
    over 3 months. (6 sessions total)

    Why three months? Because deep, sustainable change takes time.

    •   Pay monthly so it's easier on the pocketbook!
    •   Ongoing text and email support.
    •   Bi-monthly co-designed homework, and an accountability partner to keep you moving forward.
    •   Coaching anywhere! In-person, phone, skype, private Retreats anywhere on the planet. Let's do this!

    3 Month Premium Package: $1275CAN

    This is a premium wellness package for those dedicated to complete lifestyle transformation.


    • 2 Personal training programs that are 6 weeks long each (6 virtual sessions total) that include written programs.
    • 6 1h life/business coaching sessions.
    • Weekly email catchup sessions with program support.
    • 2h basic nutrition and menu planning.
    • Continuous Text and email support.

    SYF Coronavirus Special!

    Use self-quarantine wisely! Give yourself the gift of focused conversations for personal growth or to clarify your new path!

    I want to make coaching a priority so I am offering 4-1/h sessions for the month, for only $240 CAN

    Email me at stokeyourfire@gmail.com for more details.

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    Who the heck is your Coach? You will get a pretty good idea here.

  • Personal Training

    Vanessa Plimley NNPC, MES, CPT, SMS1

    I work all over the world offering one on one virtual personal training, or in-person training and seasonal classes depending on my location. I am in my 15th year as a professional in the fitness industry, as a strength and conditioning coach, post-rehab exercise specialist, and fitness instructor for outdoor/ indoor Boot Camp, Spin, TRX and Agility Conditioning.


    I have worked with a variety of clients, from dry land conditioning for Hockey Canada development teams/youth, the Banff Hockey Academy and professional athletes, to rehabilitation, weight loss or general conditioning.


    I am currently working with the online training platform Trainer+, to help clients have access to their programs and assessment information at all times. My passion is movement mechanics and helping injured folks get back to the sports and lifestyle they love, pain-free. I build detailed programs that have a "complete feel" from start to finish. With "dynamic warm-up, prehab, movement skills, and cool down" along with the focus of your session whether it be rehab, foundation, strength, power, or an annual profile including all.


    If post-rehabilitation exercise is your focus, look no further. I will work with your health care team to build on their work and expertise, creating step by step programs for you to get back to the lifestyle and sport you want.


    Programs can be built for in the gym, home, outside or a combination of all.



    Customized program design

    ( Virtual assessment, program design, and two virtual sessions ( 4h ) $340

    One on One virtual PT sessions :

    $85/h, but the more you buy the cheaper it gets!

    These are me training you, in your ears with earbuds or video/FT/Skype

    It's actually awesome.

    Contact for details.


    Program update 

    (2 sessions) $170


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